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Translation is a combination of art and science, executed with sheer finesse, keeping all the fine nuances in mind. At Metaphor, we are completely against the crude and mediocre versions that are produced as a result of machine translation. On the contrary, we pay meticulous attention to each and every detail while translating your documents manually. We are capable of translating all types and formats of documents from over 40 languages into English.

Highly Qualified Translators at your service

We take immense pride in our team of professional translators, who not only have excellent linguistic skills, but also possess the necessary aptitude for research and sound knowledge of their field of translation, in order to provide you with the finest quality of translation. Moreover, our translators undertake and execute translation only into their native language, and are hence able to render the best native touch to the translation in terms of culture, traditions and social norms of the particular geographical area, state or country. We carry out all translations only after properly analysing and comprehending the psyche as well as social, political and cultural backdrop and finally the requirements of the end-user.

Multi-faceted Document Translation

No matter what your document type or format is, we are adept at translating documents of all categories that range from Legal Documents, Academic Documents, Literary documents, Financial Documents, Business Documents, Medical Documents, Marketing-related Documents, Licenses, Patents, Certificates, Travel Documents, Technical Documents, Manuals and so on and so forth. We have dedicated teams of translators who specialize in each category, and have expertise in Document Translation in the particular field or industry, pertaining to the requirement.

Best Quality Control Checks

We have internal as well as external audit teams who keep cross-checking the quality of our translations and our standard operating procedures from time to time. We are armed with 15 years of industry experience in the field of Document Translation, and therefore, we are able to provide outstanding quality of services, with very fast turnovers and at highly competitive prices. Of course the final quality determinant level is based on the satisfaction level of our clients, which is why at the end of every project, we always ensure that we close the loop with constructive feedback from our clients after every submission.

Translation, Editing and Proof Reading

Not only do we translate your documents with utmost precision, we also provide editing and proof reading of the translated documents so that the final version which is delivered at your doorstep is perfect in every sense. So every document that you assign us for translation will undergo a threefold procedure, namely translation, editing and proof reading. From the beginning of the project till the very end, our dedicated Project Manager will be your one-point contact and will remain at your constant beck and call round the clock.

Confidentiality is Guaranteed!

Please note that we guarantee hundred percent confidentiality of all your documents.

Free Sample

We will very glad to provide you with a FREE translation sample of 100 words in order to demonstrate our expertise!



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Last year, I needed urgent translation of my immigration and visa-related documents and was unable to find a reliable translation agency. But when my colleague suggested that I approach Metaphor, I was happy that they catered to all my translation needs at very reasonable rates.
Grace Gregory

Happy Clients

Our company has been outsourcing all its translation requirements to Metaphor over the last two years, and so far, we have been more than satisfied with their services and approach towards all assignments and projects from our end.
Isabelle O
Weenie Beenie